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TOKYO, JAPAN -- 27 June 2005 -- Thistle Software announce version 2.1, a new release of their programmer's editor. PrEditor is a programming language neutral, highly configurable, professional editor that allows you to edit files for a variety of completely different programming languages in a powerful and consistent way.

With version 2.1, programmers can now harness the power of Exuberant Tags to build a database of tags to navigate quickly through the project classes, member functions and variables, and other features of the supported languages.

PrEditor adds encryption to its armoury of features allowing users to keep file content hidden from prying eyes. Other new features include auto-save, crash-recovery, and auto-backup, which provides much better confidence and reduces the possibility of losing work to almost zero.

The macro feature was upgraded so that it looks and feels like a programming language - extending the power of PrEditor. Besides presenting a common, consistent interface to almost any programming language or script, PrEditor now allows you to include FTP files in projects. Rendering of syntax colouring in files was improved so that editing big files is now really snappy.

PrEditor has all the usual features that you would expect from a professional editor: unlimited file size, line length, undo/redo, plus a customisability that would gratify the pickiest of programmers. More information is available on PrEditor's web page at

Pricing and Availability
PrEditor v2.1 is available on Windows NT/2K/XP platforms and is available for download from Thistle Software's web-site. Pricing starts from $35 US for a single licence and discounts are available for volume. A 30-day trial version is available at

Thistle Software
Thistle Software writes software and distributes it under the try-before-you-buy principle. The founder, John Young, has been writing software for more than twenty years in a number of fields using a variety of languages from Assembler to C++, Perl to SQL.

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