Supported Languages

The following programming languages are included in the current distribution package.

PrEditor comes with several languages support. It is very easy to create your own syntax colouring file for languages that are not yet supported.

Language Description Contributed By
68HC05 Motorola HC05 assembler Adam Casy.
Autoduck Documentation tool (by Eric Artzt)
Autosys Autosys JIL files.
Basic Microsoft Visual Basic
C C language (Kernigan & Richie)
C++ C++ language (Bjarne Stroustrup)
Includes Stas Leven's BCG library classes, MFC classes, STL, and RogueWave classes.
C# .NET programming language from Microsoft
csh UNIX 'C' shell script language.
ctags CTags files.
CSS Cascading Style Sheets used with HTML (WWW Consortium)
DarkBASIC DarkBASIC language. Paul Huckstepp
DCL AutoCAD's Dialog Construction Language Alexander Sherman.
DOS Batch DOS Batch scripts (.bat files).
Doxygen Doxygen documentation system configuration file.
Eiffel Eiffel script language Alexei M. Nikitin.
H8/300 Motorola assembler
HTML Hyper Text Markup langange (WWW Consortium)
HTMLHelp HTMLHelp project files (.hhp) (Microsoft)
i386 Intel 80x86 series
Brian Johnson
IDL Interface Definition Language
INI files Windows INI files
InstallShield InstallShield Rule script (
Inno setup Inno Setup file (Inno setup is a free no-nonsense installer that works - written by Jordan Russell)
Java Java language (Sun Microsystems)
JavaScript Java script language (
ksh UNIX Korne shell script language (
Lisp Lisp programming language Alexander "Shasha" Sherman
make Make file (Microsoft & GNU)
Max/Clipper Clipper George Laverick.
Melps740 Melps 740 series assembler (Mitsubishi)
MivaScript Extension to HTML for Miva enabled web servers ( Steven Stuart.
ODL Object Definition Language.
pascal Pascal language (Niklaus Wirth)
Perl Perl hacker script language (Larry Wall)
PHP PHP: Hypertext Processor language (
PostScript PostScript files.
PrEditor PMAC PrEditor .pmac macro files.
PrEditor syntax PrEditor .syntax files (what this page is describing!)
Python Python programming language (
RC Microsoft C++ resource file.
reg Windows registry files (.reg files).
REXX REXX scripting language designed by Michael Cowlishaw) Steven Stuart.
sh UNIX Borne shell script files.
Smarty Smarty PHP Template files (
SQL Structured Query Language - database script language Huyan Song
SQR Structured Query Reporting programming language (
WinMerge WinMerge filter files (
Z80 Z80 assembler