What's new in PrEditor 2.1

Version 2.1 was released on 27 June 2005. This page describes the new features, changes to existing features, and bug fixes compared to versions 2.0. See the press release.

New features

Tags support
Tags allow you to navigate quickly through your project and provides a browse tree that lets you see the structure of your project at a glance.

Autosave, crash recovery, and auto-backup added
PrEditor now saves your work periodically, and recovers that data if for some reason PrEditor is stopped unexpectedly - this reduces the chance of you losing work. PrEditor can now create a backup when saving a file.

File Export added
Files or parts of files can now be exported as HTML, with all the syntax colouring, as shown by PrEditor.

File encryption added
Files can now be saved as encrypted using RC4.

New commands added
File Insert and File Reload added.


PMAC improved
PrEditor macros now looks like a real language! It now supports constructs like if, switch, while and for, etc., method calls, and classes, with a rich set of built-in text processing methods.

Parsing syntax-coloured files is now much more efficient, and FTP transfers are now much faster.

FTP files in projects
You can now have FTP files in projects and access them with the same convenience as ordinary files.

Syntax colouring
Now recognises first line such as #!/bin/sh to determine syntax colouring, treats file extensions as case sensitive (.C files are now treated as C++ files whereas .c files are treated as C files), and files with no extension (like 'Makefile') are now recognised properly.

Unprintables now shown
Tabs, spaces, and returns can now be shown selectively.

Bug fixes

Printing bug fixed (where not all pages were printed).
...and many more.

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