WinUtils - tail

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tail - deliver the last part of a file


tail [-fv?] [+/-[n]lines] file


tail copies the named file to the standard output beginning at the designated place.

Coping begins at a point in the file indicated by the -/+n lines, + means the number of lines from the start of the file, - means from the end. If the value is not specified, then the number 10 is used.


-f Follow. tail will not terminate after the line of the input file has been copied, but will enter an endless loop, wherein t sleeps for one second then attempts to read and copy further records from the input file. Thus it may be used to monitor the growth of a file that is being written by some other process.
+/-[n]lines The number of lines.
file The path of the input file.


   tail -f foobar

will print the last ten line of the file foobar followed by any lines that are appended after tail is started.